Stage 1 - 3D Scan

For this project, we scanned a 30cm high scale model of a sculpture for Johannes (Harry) Pannekoek. It was a rough prototype, so there were gaps and blobs of glue along most of the joins (see left side of image). After scanning, our first step was to clean up all of these rough edges, using PlyEdit, to make a crisper mesh (see right side of image).


Stage 2 - Resurfacing

The next step in the process was to fit a simplified quad-mesh, using CySlice, to the dense scan data. This resurfacing with a simpler mesh also helped to smooth out some of the kinks found in the hand-made model.


Stage 3 - Pattern

The final step then was to flatten each piece out, using UVLayout, to create patterns for the physical cutting out of the shapes in aluminium sheet. We also provided Harry with a series of curvature radii along the edges to help him set up his sheet rolling machine. The green marks were added to help him line up the separate pieces accurately before the rolled pieces were welded together. The final sculpture is 3m tall, 10 times the size of the original prototype we scanned.

Stage 4 - Installed

The final sculpture, named "Vitality", can be found outside the Melville Aquatic Fitness Centre, or LeisureFit Booragoon as it is now called.

“As visitors pass by the sculpture, it is designed to curve and change shape at each angle. Some might also see references to water in its smooth form and surface,” said the artist.