These runnable demos illustrate how CySlice can be used to generate data, from 3D scans or other dense meshes, that is suitable for use in real-time applications such as games or simulations.

For the Phileroo demo, identical topology quad-meshes have been fitted to two 3D scans creating a pair of morph targets. Also using CySlice, tangent/texture space normal maps for each pair of meshes have been extracted, and these two images are interactively blended in the demo to create a smooth transition between Phil and the Killeroo.

In the Killeroo demo the shape and texture is fixed, but you have some additional options to view the normal map and UV coordinates.

Note: The textures are applied with Cg vertex and pixel/fragment shaders. If your graphics hardware doesn't support programmable shaders then the meshes will appear smooth. If this happens to you, check the minimized shell command window for further details on the problem.

The two installation options are:

    idemos-030907.exe: InstallShield setup EXE. Access to demos is via 'Start->Programs->headus Demos' menu once installation is complete. ZIP archive of demo programs and files. Access to demos is via the *.BAT files in the 'headus Demos/data' directory.