3D Scanning Workshop - 23-24 October 2014

12 September 2014

Our "introduction to 3D scanning" workshop will outline the process of 3D scanning for different scenarios and will include demonstrations of 3D scanning the human head, preparation, processing and editing. Read more about it here.

headus 3D Art

04 December 2013

Jill Smith's "Fold Girls" art piece was created from 3D scans using CySlice and UVLayout. Read all about it here.

3D Scan Case Study

18 January 2014

Harry Pannekoek's 30cm high maquette was scanned to create flat patterns for the manufacture of a 3m high sculpture. Read about that here.

headus Scans for "Life of Pi"

13 March 2013

headus supplies 3D head and body scans for "Life of Pi" digital double. You can read more about that here.